Royal has launched a new improved color body tile product

Royal has introduced a new improved color body tile product.

Tiles are essential materials in construction and interior decoration for various projects. They not only protect walls and floors from moisture and dirt but also enhance the aesthetic appeal and add a touch of elegance to living spaces.
Among the different types of tiles available today, color body tiles stand out as one of the premium and noteworthy options.
So, what exactly are Royal’s premium color body tiles?
Color body tiles are ceramic tiles where the color of the glaze matches the body of the tile, minimizing the risk of color fading when scratched or impacted.
Taking inspiration from nature, Royal’s color body tile product line perfectly captures the vivid patterns and motifs of natural stone. Thanks to advanced technology from Italy and Spain, each tile in the color body collection exhibits uniformity in structure, resulting in superior durability, excellent water resistance, high load-bearing capacity, and good slip resistance.
With a wide range of sizes, colors, patterns, and materials, the improved color body tiles can complement various architectural styles, from modern and minimalist to classical and vintage, from warm and cozy to luxurious and bold. Depending on the surface characteristics and specific usage requirements, color body tiles can be flexibly applied to wall cladding and flooring in upscale areas such as living rooms, waiting rooms, lobbies, shopping centers, and high-end condominiums, as well as in private spaces that showcase personal style and privacy, such as bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and gardens.
What impressive collections does Royal’s color body tile offer?
In the upcoming month of May, Royal plans to launch a new product line featuring two main collections: Planet and Pyramid.
Inspired by the grandeur of nature, the Planet collection brings users neutral and elegant color tones that resonate with a rustic and minimalist style.
The Pyramid collection draws inspiration from ancient Egyptian pyramids, evoking a sense of warmth and a touch of grandeur, inspired by the ancient architectural wonders. Pyramid is suitable for dynamic, strong, and distinctive styles.
Both collections offer a diverse range of sizes, including 30×60, 60×60, 60×120 cm, and 80×80 cm, which can be used individually or combined to create beautiful, eye-catching, and diverse tiled spaces.
gạch color body - Thunder
Thunder – a part of the Planet collection – is a color body tile series by Royal.
gạch color body - Versailles
Versailles – a part of the Pyramid collection – is an improved color body tile series by Royal.
gạch color body - metallic chapa
Metallic Chapa – a part of the Pyramid collection – is an enhanced color body tile series by Royal.

The campaign to launch the new color body tile products will be executed as follows:

Royal plans to distribute samples of the new color body tiles to its dealers around May. The program is expected to be implemented simultaneously across the provinces in the Southwest, Southeast, Central Highlands, Ho Chi Minh City, and Central Vietnam.

Alongside the product launch, Royal is also planning various attractive promotional programs for customers. With the improved color body tile series, Royal aims to provide customers with high-quality, visually appealing, and diverse tile options. Through this new product line, Royal also hopes to stimulate creativity in interior design and create artistic living spaces within the community.

In addition to sending out product samples, Royal plans to organize exchange activities and direct product experiences with the participation of hundreds of major dealers nationwide. This promises to bring fresh perspectives to Royal’s sales policies, providing a platform for industry professionals to exchange experiences and learn from each other. It will also help drive sales policies, enhance fair competition among dealers in the region, and boost overall sales for Royal’s products.

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