In the journey of building dream houses for millions of customers, Royal is proud to affirm its brand value by winning a series of world-leading quality certifications.

Realizing aspirations with international certifications

Founded on a passion for the tile industry and now establishing its brand on an international scale, Royal still carries the mission of becoming a “close friend” that accompanies all customers in finding, experiencing, and satisfying their building material needs, thus joining hands in building “the dream houses”.

With that as a guiding principle, Royal’s Board of Directors always prioritizes investing in modern machinery and equipment, as well as implementing comprehensive quality management systems to introduce products that meet the stringent requirements of customers and partners, not only in the Vietnamese market, but also in the most demanding markets such as Europe and America. As a result of tireless efforts of the entire crew, Royal is proud to have received numerous strict certificates from important organizations throughout the world, particularly two prominent certifications: Greenguard and CE.

Greenguard – The “golden” certificate of the building materials and interior industry.

In particular, the Greenguard certification, which is applied to all Royal tile lines, is a green certification issued by the Greenguard Environmental Institute (GEI). This is a certification for products that meet the most stringent standards for chemical gas emissions and pass the test for over 10,000 volatile organic compounds (VOCs), thereby reducing indoor air pollution and consumer chemical exposure. This certification is also recognized by sustainable construction initiatives and building codes all over the world.

Royal products prove their timeless value with Greenguard Gold certificate.

At the same time, Royal products also obtained Greenguard Gold certification (formerly Greenguard Children and Schools Certification) by meeting stricter certification criteria, achieving not only Greenguard certification for the lowest additives and VOCs, thereby improving indoor air quality, but also surpassing the safety factors required for customer groups with sensitive health (such as children and the elderly). This is referenced by both the CHPS (Collaborative High Performance Schools Program) grading system and LEED – the US Green Building Standard – for businesses who are leaders in innovations and contributions to energy savings and the environment.

Not only meeting sustainability criteria, Royal’s product lines also obtain CE certificates according to European standards.

n addition to the green and customer health safety certification, Royal also received good news when its 30×60 BIa, 60×60 BIa, 30×60 BIIa, and 60×60 BIIa product lines achieved CE certification – a certification for products that meet European quality standards, realizing Royal’s goal of reaching the world.

Committed to sustainable development alongside the community

“The top certifications Royal recently received are proof of our efforts in our journey of commitment to sustainable development alongside the community. Through this, Royal would like to convey our gratitude to our customers and partners for always believing in and accompanying Royal from the beginning to the present. Royal pledges to continue developing and improving to provide the best products to our customers and partners”, said a Royal representative.

Royal products not only have a beautiful appearance but also come with excellent quality,

focusing on customer health.

With the motto of placing consumers at the heart of development and aiming to build a safe, friendly living environment, Royal always focuses on production capacity with tight processes to ensure the manufactured items are not only aesthetically pleasing but also extremely safe for the user’s health. In particular, with the start of construction on the 4.0 large-format tile factory in early 2023, Royal has gradually realized its commitment to sustainable development alongside the community by applying the most advanced technologies in the industry, improving high productivity and quality; moving towards a smart management program that optimizes production and factory operations; adopting a green and energy-saving production system, which helps to protect the environment and reduce costs… This is also a milestone marking Royal’s determination to innovate in implementing smart and resource-saving production models.


Source: Royal