Royal – Quintessential Products from Vietnam

All products from Royal are the quintessence of Vietnam, a harmonious combination of modern technology and creative craft art.

Coverings 2023 – Royal – Quintessential Products from Vietnam

Coverings 2023 is an international tile and stone exhibition, an opportunity for manufacturers, distributors, designers and customers to gain access to the latest trends as well as the highest quality in the tiling materials industry.

Coverings 2023 is also a place to solidify Vietnam’s position in the worldwide market. By offering tiling products with the beauty of the three regions North, Central, and South, along with innovative technologies and techniques from Italy and Spain, Royal has combined the best of Vietnam’s essence into creativity in order to create high-quality, high-durable products.





Coverings 2023 – Royal – Reaching the world

With a variety of textures and colors, Royal products are suited for many areas and purposes. Inspired by vivid images of Vietnam, such as magnificent natural caverns and immense terraced fields; from the historic Hoi An of the Central to the blue ocean and white sand of the South… Royal has produced and developed a wide range of tiling materials like tiles, quartz stone, and SPC floorings to provide each living space a distinct and individual flair.

Coming to Coverings 2023, Royal not only focuses on the sophistication of each product, but also on the portrayal of Vietnamese essences. All Royal products are the quintessence of Vietnam, a harmonic marriage of current technology and unique crafts, sophistication and sustainability, to provide customers with the most fantastic and authentic experience.

coverings-tinh hoa từ Việt Nam

Royal products will open a new era of tiling materials, creating individual living spaces that express lifestyle class.

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