What is special about Planet and Pyramid – Royal’s new color body collections?

Aside from having the signature attributes of Royal and Vietnam, the new color body product line is also environmentally friendly.

1. Royal tiles and their achievements

Royal is one of the leading tile brands in Vietnam, with over 22 years of experience in manufacturing and trading tiles, high-end artificial quartz stone, as well as SPC floorings. Royal products are manufactured on modern production lines imported from Europe, ensuring high-quality and long-term durability, thermos resistance, waterproof qualities, breaking strength and color preservation.

Because of nano glazing technology, Royal’s new product line is also environmentally safe, does not contain hazardous elements, and has a strong antibacterial capacity. They also feature extremely hard surfaces as a result of diamond glass spraying technology. Royal tiles have made an impression on the international market, exporting to a variety of regions and countries like China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Europe, America, Australia, and the Middle East, among others.

2. What is special about Planet and Pyramid collections?

In this article, Royal will introduce two new collections representing the new color body line: Planet and Pyramid.

Planet Collection is inspired by the majestic nature, providing customers with neutral, natural, and elegant colors that are ideal for a rustic and minimalist design.

It features the following products:
1. Thunder – Lightening the living space
2. Limestone – Classic and profound
3. Sandstone – Rustic and durable
4. Italian Marble – Splendid and gorgeous

Italian Marble – Planet Collection
Limestone – Planet Collection 

Pyramid Collection is inspired by the ancient Egyptian pyramids, with super hard diamond-glazed surfaces bringing outstanding durability. Reminiscent of historic castles and palaces, Pyramid evokes a sense of warmth with a touch of splendor and elegance. Pyramid Collection is a sophisticated and unique choice for stylish and attractive living spaces.

3. Color Body – Pyramid – Royal’s high-end tiles.

Planet and Pyramid Collections are the two testaments to the diversity, creativity and quality of Royal high-end tiling materials.

In particular, Pyramid Collection has applied a 3-in-1 technology for the first time in the world: digital printing technology to create creative and intricate patterns; full granila technology for distinctive textures akin to natural stones; diamond-spray technology for ultra hard surface. Pyramid Collection has a 10-year warranty and assures super-hard quality.

It features the following items:
1. Dolomites – The majestic nature; 
2. Sahara – Everlasting and defiant ;
3. Malaga – Luxurious and classic;
4. Versailles – Nobility and high-end;
5. Metallic Chapa – Novelty and powerful;
6. Ocean Nero – The enigma of black;
7. Nile – The flow of legends.

Sahara beige – Pyramid Collection – Elevating the living spaces
Malaga dark grey – Pyramid Collection – Elevating the living spaces

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